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1. Use appropiate language please, profanity and the likes of that will not be tolerated against other members, the resort staff, board team and other people in general. Flame wars will not be tolerated, strong discussions are always possible and are allowed as long as we can keep it respectful and tasteful.

2. The board language is English, please adhere to that and do not start threads in your own language. Spanglish is allowed, for our own amusement and Don Frank will moderate that part.

3. Discussing the girls: If done with taste and respect towards them a lot is allowed. Explicit talking about sexual acts performed or giving reviews of what a girl will or will not do will not be tolerated. Our girls are ladies first and foremost and deserve to be treated as such, both when visiting the resort and when posting something about them on this board. Also when referring to the chicas in the general public areas of the forums please DO NOT use their names, this is for the girls safety and protection. You may use their names in the members only area of the forums. Please, the staff and our girls respect our clients privacy and we ask the same for our girls, we appreciate everyone understanding the necessity of this rule.

4. Photos: You can only post photos of girls in the appropiate boards provided they have clothes on (even if only a small bikini). Any photos ot adhering to this rule will be deleted by the admins. Please make sure that you do not post photos of your stay with other members in them without the explicit permission of this member.

We do not look forward to seeing any of you in action, we will believe you when you tell us that it works. Also for photos rule #1 applies, keep it respectfull and tastefull.

5. If you have any problem with a post on the board, please PM an admin and state your problem with that post instead of starting a discussion online possibly resulting in a flame war.

6. Spamming: Spamming and linking pages for the reason of advertising (also in signatures) will not be tolerated and monitored closely by the admins and moderators. We will ban you from this website if you are spamming through this site. Your first offense will be your last.

7. The forum is not to be accessed from the resort. This causes issues with the chicas and our "past" guests have more access than most people in general. Most companies block access to their forums in country but in our case we do not wish to have this restriction as several of our clients come to us from Puerta Plata and the north shore they can keep up with things while they are in the Dominican.

8. For privacy reasons there will be no discussion of the actaul hotel, address, or anything would would allow the specific location to be determined. This is in order to keep our guests privacy as well as the staffs. We are a very low key operation and well received in the local community and we would like to keep it that way.