A Busy Week in March

A Busy Week in March

Postby STE » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:30 am

Although a few weeks have passed since my last visit to the resort, I haven’t been able to complete a report until now. It was my 21st visit, for a week in mid-March, which now feels like a long time ago, and was my first time there since last summer. The place was packed with guests, necessitating the use of a room in the rear building to accommodate everyone. Some guests left and others arrived during that time, but it was always a full house. I got to see again several visitors whom I’d met on past trips, as well as meeting some new ones. Since Callowayman and Rumbai have already listed all the names in their own trip reports, it’s not necessary for me to repeat them here. Several of the most active contributors to the forum were there, and it was good to share company with everyone.

I will mention that it was especially interesting to see one guest, Foont, whom I hadn’t seen in nearly eleven years. Back then, we were both there on what was our first visit to the resort and had gotten hooked on it, making many trips since then, but hadn’t crossed paths again until now. We got to exchange some common memories of that experience so long ago, which included a visit by three couples to the colonial district in Santo Domingo and luncheon at the Cave restaurant. Since that visit had been in June of 2008, with this present trip I was beginning my second decade of visits to Frank’s place.

Before making this trip, just as before many others, I closely studied the pictures on the forum of which chicas were there, pondering whether to select girls I had been with before or new ones. Because of the full house, with most of the guests having two girls at a time, and prearranging their matches with certain girls, the choices this week were limited and all the castings small. But on the other hand, as an advantage, it also meant that there were always a lot of chicas out in the common area, whereas on less populated occasions, when girls not working stay in the rear, you don’t get to see them all as much. The room choices were also limited, as midway through my stay I had to switch from one room to another to accommodate the scheduling.

The following five chicas were available at my casting, and you can see in the left rear some of the girls who were with other guests. Four of the five I knew from past trips, and one of them was new. I passed out cookies I’d brought from the pack on the table, and the girls showed interest in my recalling how long I’d known each of them. We also chatted of what we like to do, as I watched their reactions.


In the end, I selected the new girl, who was very quiet and demure. In fact, she looked very much like an everyday “civvie” girl whom you might see out in public, in an office or a store. She turned out to be very attentive and affectionate, as well as sensual and innovative during private moments. 8-) I spent several pleasant days with her, including minis with two of the other girls in the picture. Meanwhile, I’d be thinking of which others I might get to be with. I had to wait each day to see who else was available with all the prearrangements and switching that was going on among the other guests. It was not until my last day that I switched to another girl, also in the picture, with whom I’d been on a past visit.

On the first night of my stay, there was a birthday party for one of the other guests, mntx66. This involved an elaborately choreographed dance routine, for which the girls rehearsed in the afternoon, while the guests were asked to stay out of the salon and not watch, in order to preserve the surprise. There were three stages to the dance. For the first, all the girls, including those with guests and those not, came out in Hawaiian costumes to do a hula-type dance. The following picture is of the second round, unfortunately not clear as it was taken in the dark, but other pictures have been posted, under Resort Activities, showing how they looked in the light. For the third round, they wore only bikinis. After that, as is often done, with the music playing, the birthday boy, followed by each other guest, took a turn lying on his back on the floor as each chica passed her crotch over his body from toe to head, (During my turn, as I lay there, I couldn’t help but wonder what the people in my regular life who regard me as a respectable chap might think now.) This was followed by a round of spin-the-bottle.


On another night, most of us went for dinner to the Playa del Sol restaurant up the street. On still another night, a group of us went to Sueño for the karaoke, in which several of the girls, as well as myself, took part. Some of the girls are very good singers.


I am very fond of going to the beach, as are most people who visit the Caribbean. Whereas on some past trips I’ve been disappointed by girls who did not want to go, that was not a problem this time, and I enjoyed good times there nearly every day. :) On the first day, with it not being summer, the weather was a bit cool, so the girls and I had to keep on a sweatshirt or jacket for some of the time, but each day afterwards it kept getting better.


Alas, as always, it was very sad to leave on the final day. Just before I was about to go, a new guest, dirtyjerzey, had arrived. He had been somewhat apprehensive about going for his first visit, so several of the veteran guests were giving him reassurance and advice. It would have been interesting to get to witness his casting, which was to take place after Frank got back from taking me to the airport, and I also regret missing the not previously announced St. Patrick’s Day party which I later learned took place that night.

I thank Frank and Mercedes, the household staff, chicas, and other guests for making this visit a good time for me.
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Re: A Busy Week in March

Postby rockc123 » Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:04 am

Sounds like you had another good time. 14 more days and I will be there.
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