On the Road to Juan Dolio.

On the Road to Juan Dolio.

Postby HBergeron » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:32 am

First of all I want to extend a huge THANK YOU! to Mr. Frank and Miss Mercedes! You two are fabulous, gracious, and patience hosts. Frank, I'm sorry I missed you when you came in the airport to see us off. My tickets qualified me to use the Delta Sky Priority program so I only had three people in front of me in that line. Callowayman and RBP1821 had a lot more people in front of them. I made it through security with no issues and was able to get reach the assigned gate with only the assistance of my cane. They both told me you had looked for me when they caught up with me.

To all the Ladies at SPAV, THANK YOU! You ladies are absolutely wonderful and kept myself, Callowayman, and El Diablo (RBP1821) thoroughly entertained.

Callowayman came in the day before me and his buddy RBP1821 came in the day after me. My main lady A, nicknamed him El Diablo for some reason (maybe because of his consumptions of mass quantities of Fireball Whiskey).

I'm a fan of the "Road to Key West" series by Michael Reisig. There were times I felt like the main characters Kansas Stamps and Will Bell (even though nothing on me is nicknamed Donkey Boy and the Twins), only without the treasure hunting and nearly getting killed. But I was there looking for the "lady of my dreams, or the lady of my dreams for right now".

During the casting I choose lady A and the next day picked up lady R and kept them both the rest of my stay. Frank kept asking me if I wanted to change up, but I told him I was happy, they seemed happy, and why break up a good thing.

During the casting I told all the ladies that to me a good vacation was to relax, read, watch the world go by, and generally live in the moment. This sort of confused lady A and R because I would get this 1,000 yard stare going, but in reality I was just watching the palm fronds wave in the breeze, the wave roll in on the beach, or watching hawks and pelicans soaring on the thermals while on the hunt for tasty things to eat. I think I finally managed to explain it, or they gave up and just let the loco gringo do his thing. I was also surprised by how much my knee bothered me on this trip and that may have encouraged my desire to stay within the walls.

Everything was much as everyone has described. Frank picked me up at the airport, we got in his car, and headed out to Juan Dolio. Along the way he offered me a beer which I gladly accepted. A few minutes later we were at SPAV. I was given a quick tour, settled up with Frank, and then set about getting ready for my casting. I had these great expectations of taking excursions, taking the my ladies shopping, and so forth; but when I got there I really didn't care if I left the grounds or not. It just seemed so relaxing and peaceful (despite the hustle and bustle outside the walls).

The water was just as people described and I could smell why when I opened the door to the bathroom. I'm glad I took plenty of Listerine with me for those times when I accidentally rinsed my tooth brush under the tap. The toothbrush got a liberal dose of Listerine as well as myself.

The food at Frank's is great. I had the pork chops with pineapple sauce, curry chicken, chicken/beef with mushroom sauce, rice, and veggies for supper/lunch. Breakfast was usually scrambled eggs with ham, cheese, onions, and peppers, bacon (which was generously shared with my ladies) and fruit.

One night Callowayman, El Diablo, myself and our ladies all went to Playa del Sol to eat. Another night my ladies and I went to El Sueno for supper and one day we went to Octopus for lunch. The food at these three places was excellent and a short walk from Frank's.

Google Translate is a must, if for nothing else the entertainment factor when it's in conversation mode. Lady A wanted to ask me something one day. Everyone was sitting in the salon and we had been play music on the stereo via bluetooth on my phone. I switched it to Translate and A said something in Spanish to it. Suddenly out of the stereo speakers come "Anal sex now or later" (not what she had intended). We all fell out laughing. I took the phone and replied "that's and exit not an entrance" and a moment later that comes booming out of the speakers in Spanish. I think Mercedes shot her drink out of her nose laughing over that. I do believe the ladies at SPAV know more English than they let on.

When I unpack my bags and get woke up the rest of the way I will try to come back and add some more, and some pictures. Right now El Gato is telling me I need to feed him or look at something out the front door.
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Re: On the Road to Juan Dolio.

Postby Don Frank » Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:31 pm

Hi Hbergeron
Thanks you very much for your wonderful testimonial and great report,
I am glad to hear that you had a great time and a lot of fun in your birthday party.
Wishing you all the best, hoping to see you again
Don Frank
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Re: On the Road to Juan Dolio.

Postby grumpy1 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:33 pm

Great review. Definitely helped me in knowing I made the right choice for my first trip
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