I have heard the Dominican can be dangerous, will I be safe?

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I have heard the Dominican can be dangerous, will I be safe?

Postby SysAdmin » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:49 am

One of the common questions we get is that people have heard that the Dominican Republic can be dangerous. Is it safe?

The Dominican is like any other large industrial country and has its inherent danagers in moving around for foreigners in larger cities like Santo Domingo or San Pedro. One of the things that set us apart from other resorts is that ours is a private hotel with enclosed grounds and no one is allowed inside the property period except our guests, the employees, and the occasional repairman that is there to do work. Also, our resort is located approximately 3 blocks from the local National Police station and right across the street from the police station is the President of the Dominican's summer home which has military security so the entire area lends itself nicely to inherent safety and very very low crime. On top of this there are the local tourist police who are readily seen around town. Because we are in "old" Juan Dolio which is more of a small fishing type village instead of a tourist area there really isnt anything there to attract crime and everyone knows everyone so if someone is out of place or someone is up to something unscrupulous it is very obvious there.
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