Chicas mixology abilities?

Chicas mixology abilities?

Postby jmr5683 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:13 am

I know the chicas will make your drinks for you which is great. But can you mix your own? I ask because I question they're ability to make some American style cocktails. I'm sure most of them wouldn't mind learning something new if you could translate the recipe however I was thinking might be easier to do it yourself. Not to big a deal either way really but curious none the less.
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Re: Chicas mixology abilities?

Postby HBergeron » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:56 am

I'm sure that if you supply the knowledge, they would probably be willing to fashion you a Tom Collins, Mint Julep, an Old Fashion, etc. You would just have to give it a try.

I carried some pour over Vietnamese coffee with me on my trip in case I wanted coffee at a time of day when they might not have a pot of coffee on. These are the newer pour over bags that you hang off the top of your coffee mug. If you're interested... search Amazon or Google for "Copper Cow". There's also a less costly option offered by Twin Peaks Coffee.

Having not ever used one of these, I went to make my own. One of my chicas followed me (with a disapproving look on her face because I was attempting to do something for myself). When she saw that what I had was something she hadn't seen before she watched while I made it. She later made late afternoon coffee for me using the pour over pouches.

Now for the funny part... on my last day as we were all sitting in the salon waiting for time to go the airport to arrive, I was going through my travel pouch making sure I had everything in it that I would need to get through airport security, customs, and immigration. I found a set of earbud headphones that the the flight attendants gave me on flight down. They were in a sealed plastic pouch. Well I didn't need them so I offered them up to my chicas. The one that had watched me make the strange coffee thought I was wanting coffee, took it, and headed for the water cooler and coffee station. A minute later she comes back with the opened headphones and a surprised look on her face. She said she needed a new set of headphones for her phone. My other chica looked at both of us like "where's mine". :D
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